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by New Jersey Registered Agent LLC

New Jersey Business Filings Tips

Register a business in New Jersey

The great thing about registering a New Jersey business is that you know which form you are supposed to file. There’s only one form for whatever type of business you are. We have instructions on NJ business filings in your online account. After you make your initial New Jersey business filing, you then file a NJ-REG complete tax registration package. The tax registration doesn’t cost anything‚Ķ except your time. This is your form to basically register with all the agencies you need to do business in NJ. It will take you a while to fill out. A lot of it, you are just entering N/A or zeros on.

New Jersey doesn’t really have a lot of divisions like other states would have a secretary of state. We just have a business registrations division of the state. The NJ Department of Treasury business filing area of the state website goes down every night. So make sure to do your name searches and online filings during the day.

You can file annual reports online.

As your NJ registered agent we WILL get a lot of stuff for you. It’s very important to have a NJ registered agent that will quickly and efficiently get your documents to you. We scan everything we get the same day for you into your account. We truly try to make running a business in NJ a little easier for you by having one place to look at your corporate documents.

Another big thing to remember is that NJ does not honor S corporation elections with the IRS. You have to specifically request to be treated as an S corporation with the NJ Division of Revenue. Many clients get screwed over by the state when it’s time to pay their taxes because they didn’t get their S corporation election done in time with the state. As far as we know, no other state tries to screw over its business owners by trying to not let them have the same taxing election they already have with the IRS.