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by New Jersey Registered Agent LLC

How to Start a New Jersey LLC

To form an LLC in New Jersey, you must file a Certificate of Formation with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. You also need to appoint a New Jersey registered agent and file a BOI report.

If that sounds like a lot, we’re right there with you. You can use our step-by-step LLC guide to get started, or simply hire us to form your LLC.

We’ll file your Certificate of Formation and provide a year of local registered agent service. Plus, you’ll get all the tools to quickly establish an online presence, including a customizable website, domain name, SSL Certificate, business email, and local phone service. You’ll also get options to add on BOI and EIN services. All for $149 plus state fees!


“Absolutely top notch customer service, efficiency and professionalism… Saved me literally hours if I had tried to figure things out on my own.”



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Our New Jersey LLC Formation Service

For just $149 plus state fees, our team of local New Jersey experts will file your Certificate of Formation, provide a year of registered agent service, an operating agreement, initial resolutions, and much more. In addition, we provide all the tools needed to create an online presence for your business at no upfront cost, including:

  1. Customizable website
  2. Domain name
  3. SSL Certificate
  4. Business email
  5. Business phone service

You’ll also get real-time annual report reminders, access to our library of business resources, and lifetime client support. Take advantage of our business expertise by ordering our New Jersey LLC formation service and saving yourself a lot of time and stress.

And the best part? Our registered agent price never changes it’s—$49/year, every year.


How to Start a New Jersey LLC

To start a New Jersey LLC, you’ll need to complete these five steps:

  1. Check LLC name availability
  2. Appoint a New Jersey registered agent
  3. File a New Jersey Certificate of Formation
  4. Submit a BOI report
  5. Draft an operating agreement


1. Check LLC name availability

New Jersey requires all LLCs to have a unique name. In other words, your LLC’s name cannot be identical or too similar to another business. Your business name must also include an appropriate identifier such as LLC or Limited Liability Company. To see if your name is available, you can conduct a business name search. If your name is free, consider reserving it before filing your Certificate of Formation. To reserve your business name, you must file a Business Name Reservation (Form UNRR-1) and pay the $50 filing fee. There is an additional $2.50 fee for credit card payments.

In addition, your business name should not be misleading. For example, if you provide wedding planning services, your business name shouldn’t include words such as “medical,” “legal,” or “accounting.” You also cannot use words that may imply your New Jersey LLC is associated with a government agency unless approved by the appropriate department. 


2. Appoint a New Jersey registered agent

All LLCs are required to have and maintain a New Jersey registered agent. Per NJ Rev Stat § 42:2C-14, your registered agent must be a state resident or a business authorized to provide registered agent service.

While it’s possible to act as your own registered agent, there are distinct advantages to hiring a professional service like us:

  • Convenience: A registered agent must be available year-round to accept service of process during regular business hours. What if you want to go on vacation or work different hours? As your New Jersey registered agent, we’ll accept service of process on your behalf. Our team will immediately scan your mail into your secure online account if we receive any legal documents. 
  • Privacy: When you file your Certificate of Formation, you must list your registered agent’s name and physical address. When you hire us, we will list our business address instead.
  • Local experts: Our entire team is made up of New Jersey residents, so we understand the ins and outs of New Jersey business law. We form and support New Jersey businesses every single day.


3. File a New Jersey Certificate of Formation

To officially form your New Jersey LLC, you must submit a Certificate of Formation. The filing fee is $125 plus $3.50 for credit card payments.

If you’re ready to start, use our free online tool to begin your Certificate of Formation. File yourself, hire us, or save your progress and pick up where you left off whenever you’re ready.

Here’s a complete list of information you must include on your Certificate of Formation:

  • Type of entity: Select “NJ Domestic Limited Liability Company” for a domestic LLC.” 
  • Name of your LLC.
  • EIN (optional).
  • NAICS Code (optional): The federal government uses North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes to collect statistical data on different business industries in the US. To find your code, go to the NAICS website.
  • Duration: If your LLC will close on a specific date, you must indicate that here. If your LLC will remain open indefinitely, you can leave this blank.
  • Business purpose.
  • Main business address—this does not have to be in New Jersey.
  • Name and street address of your New Jersey registered agent. Name and address of your initial members or managers. 
  • Other provisions (optional): you may include additional provisions such as member roles/responsibilities or rules for how profits will be distributed.
  • Name and signature of the person filing your certificate.

You may file your Certificate of Formation online, by mail, or in person. The filing fee is $125 plus $3.50 for credit card payments. 

New Jersey Online Business Formation

New Jersey Department of the Treasury
Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services
PO BOX 308
Trenton, NJ 08646

33 West State Street, 5th Floor
Trenton, NJ 08608

Online filings are typically processed in 1-2 business days. Paper filings can take up to a month to process. Expedited service is only available for in-person filings: 

  • $25 for same-day 
  • $500 for two hours (must be submitted by 2:15 pm)
  • $1000 for one hour (must be submitted by 3:15 pm)


4. Submit a BOI report

Effective January 1, 2024, most US businesses must file a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). There is no filing fee, and your information will not go on the public record. 

Your BOI report must include basic details about your LLC and its key players, which include the following:

  • Legal name of your LLC 
  • Any alternate (or DBA) names you conduct business under
  • Principal business address
  • Jurisdiction where you initially formed
  • Tax ID

You must also provide the name, residential address, birth date, and personal ID information of anyone who owns at least 25% of your LLC, has substantial control over the company, or is responsible for filing your formation paperwork. 

Businesses formed in 2024 will have 90 days after forming to file their report. Companies formed before 2024 have until January 1, 2025, to file their BOI report. When you hire us to form your New Jersey LLC, you can add BOI service for an additional $9. 


5. Draft an operating agreement

An operating agreement is an internal document that defines how your New Jersey LLC functions. It details how ownership is divided and lays out the rules for managing your LLC, including bookkeeping procedures and what to do if a member chooses to leave. 

New Jersey state law doesn’t require an operating agreement, but it is a good idea. An operating agreement can help you resolve conflicts and be necessary in situations like opening a business bank account. 

Not sure how to write an operating agreement? Good news! Our LLC formation service includes a FREE attorney-drafted operating agreement you can customize to fit your needs.

Why our New Jersey LLC Service is the best deal

Are you still trying to decide whether to hire us, file on your own, or hire another company? Let’s break down what makes us the best option for forming your New Jersey LLC. 

Privacy Protection

When you hire us to form your LLC, we’ll list our business address (not yours) on the Certificate of Formation. We firmly believe owning a business should never mean sacrificing your privacy. Keeping your personal information off the public record means service of process agents will never come knocking on your door. Plus, you’ll avoid a bunch of junk mail. And who wants junk mail? No one. 

Local New Jersey Expertise

Because we’re based in Marlton, New Jersey, our team understands the ins and outs of forming and maintaining a business in the Garden State. We’ll ensure your Certificate of Formation is filed accurately the first time. Unlike our competitors, we’re a small, local company, just like our many clients. Supporting New Jersey businesses isn’t just something we do. It’s who we are. 

Money-Saving Value

Our prices are always clear, transparent, and consistent. You’ll never be shocked by sudden price increases or hidden fees. Many national competitors advertise “$0 LLC Formation,” but they don’t tell you how much they charge for each additional service. Many companies charge $300 for registered agent service and over $100 for an operating agreement.

When you hire us, you get reliable registered agent service at an affordable price, a free attorney-drafted operating agreement, and all the tools needed to build an online presence. All for just $149 plus state fees. 

Form Your New Jersey LLC Today!

Additional New Jersey LLC FAQs

Do I need to file an annual report?

Yes. All New Jersey LLCs must file an annual report on the last day of their anniversary month. So, if you formed your LLC on November 20, 2022, your annual report would be due by November 30 each year. The filing fee is $75.

How are LLCs taxed in New Jersey?

New Jersey LLCs that maintain their default tax status are taxed as pass-through entities. Annual profits (and losses) are passed through to each member who reports their earnings on their personal tax returns at the state and federal levels. 

To file taxes at the state level, you must file the Business Registration Form (NJ-REG) with the New Jersey Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services. There is no filing fee. 

Do I need an EIN for my New Jersey LLC?

Yes. New Jersey requires an EIN for the Business Registration Form (NJ-REG). You’ll also need one if you plan on hiring employees. You can apply for an EIN through the IRS website. There is no filing fee. If you hire us to form your New Jersey LLC, you can add EIN service for an additional $50. 

What if I want to register my out-of-state business in New Jersey?

To register your out-of-state LLC in New Jersey, you must file a Certificate of Authority with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. In addition, you’ll need to appoint a New Jersey registered agent. For just $149 plus state fees, you can hire us to take care of everything for you. Check out our New Jersey Foreign LLC page to learn more about out-of-state business registration. 

Do you offer business counseling?

No, we don’t offer business counseling. However, there are a number of free business resources in New Jersey that can help you plan, fund, and market your business with confidence. can guide you through the entire life-cycle of your business, from creating your business plan to closing your business.

You can even find specific business guides for your type of business and your industry. Organizations like the NJ District Office of the US Small Business Administration offer access to funding, training, obtaining government contracts, and even disaster recovery. Visit’s Business Support page for a more complete list of resources.